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Practical Tactical



Counter Mass Shooter Training

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We assess the actual environment and plan a training event in 30 days or less.


We integrate live training into your existing business environment - limiting interruption to operations and profitability.


With cost effectiveness in mind, we look for intelligent technological solutions.


Our team is experienced in operations from an executive level and thus will limit modification to corporate protocols.


Oxys Training will develop a customized security system and plan an event to implement it.


That's sharp, and that's what Oxys (οξύς) means - sharp.

Handgun and  Ammunition

Should it be required, we can conduct concealed weapons training at your facility.


Our safety and strategic planning is designed to build confidence and prepare for events you are unable to prevent.


Internal. External. Technological.

Every business has the responsibility to provide a safe environment for its employees and executives.

Oxys Training provides security training for your company, and for you.

Take an active role in your security.

Why We Can Help You

The founders of Oxys Training have served in many positions including law enforcement, executive positions in non-security enterprises, and as business growth consultants; just to name a few. With this background Oxys understands how to secure your business without hindering operations.

Your office is not a military base, so why would you need military-grade security? Our goal is to provide you with the best solutions for your environment.


Our Order of Operations


  • Before we get started, we want to know more about you. We want to understand the ins-and-outs of your business, speak to your different departments and understand how you function.

  • Once we’re knowledgeable about your company, we’ll start planning a team building day that’s right for your business.




  • At Oxys, all our team building days are dedicated to your project. Once we get a sense of who you are as a business, we’ll plan our One Team program specific to your needs.

  • And the best part? You don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll take care of identifying next steps for rational training, equipment and ancillary software or systems.

Our Team
Donald Emmack
Donald Emmack

A Los Angeles California native, Mr. Emmack is an upbeat leader and trainer. An avid firearms enthusiast, Mr. Emmack is a certified instructor for the USCCA with credentials to instruct for CCW...

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Lead Trainer
Donnie Emmack
Donnie Emmack

Don's background is founded on 4+ years of training experience where he coordinated the teaching of numerous one-to-one and one-to-many classes. Firearm safety and use was ingrained into his lifestyle since an early age...

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Business Development / Range Safety Assistant
Julie Emmack
Julie Emmack

Julie has been working with Don over many years to hone her skills with firearms and self-defense. Julie takes the lead on all Women's training events and tactical exercises.

Defensive Skills Trainer
Trenton Emmack
Trenton Emmack

Trent grew up in Southwestern Missouri and has enjoyed outdoor activities since a young age. A college student with detailed writing skills, he is pursuing a Bachelors in Marketing Analytics through Liberty University...

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Course Content Writer / Range Safety Assistant
Bruce Ludeman
Bruce Ludeman

Bruce is a retired law enforcement officer from Colorado. Currently serving as a deputy outside of Kansas City. Bruce is an experience POST trainer and is both NRA and USCCA certified...

Firearms Expert/Situational Awareness
Dallas Zink
Dallas Zink

Dallas grew up in the country with a love of hunting and recreational shooting and thus spent a significant amount of time around firearms. He is well versed in their safe and secure operation and is passionate about rational protection...

Range Safety Assistant


Ozark, MO 65721

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