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Be Equipped for Practical Defense

OXYS was founded with the desire to change how defense-minded individuals are perceived by society. We want to prove that you can be a sophisticated member of society and still care about your rights and freedoms while exercising them responsibly.

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Who We Need


We need people who are dedicated to bettering themselves and improving the safety of themselves and those around them.

Being prepared is nothing to take lightly. So, we look for RESPONSIBLE and INTELLIGENT people who we can trust to make good decisions.

We Create Bespoke Programs for Our Clients

These Programs May Include:


Church Security Team Development

We regularly work with organizations who have no experience building defensive plans.

We will design, write, and organize all of the things necessary for you to have a solid plan that is easy to understand.

Bespoke Defense

A personally-tailored lifestyle program just for you.

We work with clients with numerous backgrounds, experiences, and goals. As such, we build plans that are just as unique as our clients.

This may include Concealed Carry Training,

De-escalation Techniques, and best practices education.

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Online Courses

We build online courses to assist our clients no matter where they are located.

Take your first step and join a class.

Resources We Provide

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Women-only classes and events

Classes and Courses for Women, by Women.

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Concealed carry classes

We are Certified by the State of Missouri to provide high-quality Concealed Carry Classes.


Date night and other events

Need a Date Night idea? Or, would you like to join one of our other events? Go here to see what's on the schedule.

About Us

Practical Defensive Education

Here at OXYS Practical Defense, we believe in the cultivation of a defensive worldview. 

Our family and our associates are united by the vision to help clients develop their defensive skills, but we also desire to shape more than that.

We teach a broader perspective of what it means to be defensive with the hope of helping our clients in more than just a physical way.

Schedule A Consultation

  • Schedule a phone call so we can determine how to help you.

    15 min

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