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Church Security Development

Our goal as a company is to serve our clients by helping them organize all of their security needs in a comprehensive and effective manner.

We use the appropriate tools for the situation and assist our clients with clear and inobtrusive finesse.

Security Plan Development

We regularly work with organizations who have no experience building defensive plans.

We will design, write, and organize all of the things necessary for you to have a solid plan that is easy to understand.

Practical Education for Team Development

A plan is only as good as the people carrying it out.

Once the security plan has been approved by all we will commence carrying it out by performing the necessary training with your team.

This may include Concealed Carry Training,

De-escalation Techniques, and best practices education.


Insurance Assistance

Many of our clients first come to us with either insufficient coverage or the wrong coverage altogether. 

We have direct connections to reputable insurance providers to secure you the right coverage.

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