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The Rational Protective Mindset

Our goal as a company is to serve our clients by helping them organize all of their security needs in a comprehensive and effective manner.

We use the appropriate tools for the situation and assist our clients with clear and inobtrusive finesse.

Bespoke Defensive Program

This is a bespoke long-term program for educating our clients in the theory, development, and practice of the Rational Protective Mindset.

Think of this as joining an exclusive group of compatriots who are making the world better through the decisions they make every day.

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Private Training

We offer training sessions that are customized to fit the needs of the client. We will assess your current skills and make appropriate recommendations for skills development.

Our goal for these sessions is to assist our clients with their development of Practical Tactical skills.

Public Events

We occasionally offer events that are open to the public for the purpose of education and training. Primarily, we offer Concealed Carry Classes and Date Night Events.

Through these events we enjoy meeting new people and assisting them in furthering their ability to be defense-minded, responsible citizens.

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