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"We are the Armani of the Personal Defense arena." - Don Emmack


Presented by Don Emmack
Founder, Head of Private Client Services

Don has spent the last 20+ years as a facilitator equipping the affluent with honorable self-reliance tools. He is now drawing on his experience as a Consultant, Police Officer, and Executive to create a unique brand of personally-tailored defense strategies with a classic sense of style.

What We Do
Busy Street

At OXYS Practical Defense, we understand that the way we go through our lives is inherently tied to our experiences.

As such, we build bespoke experiences for individual clients to develop their acuity for defense.

For some, this will mean joining us for exclusive charity events, dinners, and may include travel experiences. 


Clients who engage our private services will enjoy customized clothing and accessories, personalized defensive equipment from the finest manufacturers, and training designed to fit their lifestyle.


Ultimately, we do our best to remain flexible and to build just the right collection of knowledge, training, and functionality for each of our private clients.

Our Services Include
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Bespoke Accoutrements for Your Lifestyle

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Safety Can Be Stylish

The Values of The Client Are Paramount

 You can be a sophisticated member of society and still care about your rights and freedoms

Our Beliefs

  • Customized events and experiences that will enrich our clients with new skills, abilities, and a new understanding of the world around them.

  • Skilled and personally relevant curriculums.

  • Exclusive materials and exercises not meant for everyone.

  • Client coaching in defensive acuity for personal comfort.

  • Superlative equipment from known craftsmen.

  • A bespoke brand of safety for each client.

  • A pursuit of excellence with good judgement.

  • Services provided in a discreet manner with grace and sophistication.

We Build and Facilitate: 

(To attend, you must have the password - contact us first)


* Travel and custom events are very limited and based on availability.

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