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The BOLD Life Intensive

The BOLD Life Intensive is an applied theology course that will help students use their moral and theological framework in challenging circumstances.

We will study various aspects of our current situation as Christians within the world.

Produced by OXYS and Unbound

Worldviews v. Mindsets

Your worldview is incredibly important - but how will you implement your worldview in daily life?

We help answer the question and guide you to develop a mindset that lets you live boldly.

The Theological & Moral Implications of BOLD Action

Theology and moral response is built upon your worldview. But when you drill down into critical daily decisions you can find yourself conflicted in how to respond.

This course takes on some current social and world topics head-on so you can determine how to apply your mindset in concert with your worldview.

Image by Sven Mieke

How Fear Affects Us & How to Deal With It

Fear is present, but we are told often not to fear.


This program builds you a personalized framework to F.A.C.E. fear based on your mindset and worldview. 

You will create your own confidence building plan to Face Fear.

Meet Your Instructor

This course is administered by Don Emmack, a former Police Officer who graduated through the Los Angeles Sheriff's Academy. 


Don acted as a Watch Commander for his precinct and later in his career consulted for governmental agencies internationally. After that he worked as a CEO and then started his own company, OXYS Defensive Education. 


During his time as a Police Officer Don earned his Masters degree from the University of Southern California. He is currently active as a lay pastor for his local church.

About Don
Registration Ends September 17th!

Intensive begins September 19th

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