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The BOLD Life Intensive

Jul 12, 2022 - Jul 23, 2022

  • 12Days
  • 10Steps


This course will help students apply their moral and theological framework to the world. Content will guide each student to answer key questions about their world and shape the mentalities of our students to make them better prepared for a bold life. Human dynamics are a key topic in this program. While it is profitable to study exemplary leaders, it is frequently the case that we study the person but not the underlying tools, beliefs, and insights that made them unique. Our conviction is that though we may not all be called to leadership in a traditional sense, the decisions you make daily should be informed by a realistic perspective. Our goal is to teach students a practical worldview that will change the way they make decisions. Applied practice, small group work, and self-reflective sessions are included in the learning process. Further, we will consider topics such as how to lead in times of crisis, how to train yourself effectively, basic self defense initiatives and how they apply to daily life, and a Biblical framework for interacting with the world. Through this course students will emerge with a better understanding of their responsibilities within society and to themselves.

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BOLD Life Students - September 2022

BOLD Life Students - September 2022

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