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Donald Emmack

Donald Emmack

Lead Trainer

Full Resume

A Los Angeles California native, Mr. Emmack is an upbeat leader and trainer. Often referred to as a direct communicator, he prefers to handle interpersonal and corporate communications in an upfront manner with an eye towards efficiency. An avid firearms enthusiast, Mr. Emmack is a certified instructor for the USCCA and NRA with credentials to instruct for CCW and other advanced topics. He is also educated in Israeli style target detection, active shooter response and advanced high risk entry. 


Don is a former law enforcement officer from the Los Angeles area. He was assigned as a as a Field Training Officer and later promoted to Senior Officer where he operated as a Watch Commander. He ranked as a Distinguished Expert (DX) in firearms qualification and is experienced with automatic weapons and defensive tactics. He attended the University of Southern California where he completed his MPA.

Julie Emmack

Julie Emmack

Firearms Instructor

Julie is a state registered firearms instructor in Missouri. She leads most of our women's defensive training and personal instruction. She specializes in working with women who are brand new to firearms. Her experience in teaching also provides the foundation to assist experienced shooters as they hone their skills and refine marksmanship and defensive strategy.

She is the design and author of OXYS' Women's Basic and Advanced courses. Through this material women gain confidence with firearms skills and concealed carry decision making. Julie is also trained in somatic defensive awareness and escape techniques.

Julie has worked with young ladies as well as the young at heart, tailoring learning approaches and firearms mechanics to the practical feminine side of responsible carry.

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Bruce Ludeman

Bruce Ludeman

Firearms Expert/Situational Awareness

Bruce is a retired law enforcement officer from Colorado. Currently serving as a deputy outside of Kansas City. Bruce is an experience POST trainer and is both NRA and USCCA certified. 

Bruce brings a wealth of tested experience with over 30 years in patrol operations. He is certified by the USCCA and the NRA. Extensively trained, Bruce is also a paramedic and focuses on situational awareness courses with Oxys. He is the owner of Safeshoot, LLC.

Donnie Emmack

Donnie Emmack

Business Development / Range Safety Assistant

Donnie's background is founded on 4+ years of training experience where he coordinated the teaching of numerous one-to-one and one-to-many classes. Firearm safety and use was ingrained into his lifestyle since an early age. He possesses unique teaching skills that help new shooters reach their potential.


Donnie has been a Concealed Carry Weapons permit holder since 2018.  He is certified as a Firearms Instructor by the USCCA and the State of Missouri.


His passion is to educate people so that they are prepared to properly deal with the many circumstances that can arise in today’s business and church climates.

Trenton Emmack

Trenton Emmack

Course Content Writer / Range Safety Assistant

Trent grew up in Southwestern Missouri and has enjoyed outdoor activities since a young age. A college student with detailed writing skills, he is pursuing a Bachelors in Marketing Analytics through Liberty University. Trent (T-Lee) has completed CCW and tactical training while working as a range assistant.

Dallas Zink

Dallas Zink

Range Safety Assistant

Dallas grew up in the country with a love of hunting and recreational shooting and thus spent a significant amount of time around firearms. He is well versed in their safe and secure operation and is passionate about rational protection.


Dallas has worked with a church security team and possesses his concealed carry license. In 2018, he graduated from Thomas Edison State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice, and quickly found a job working in private security services.

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