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Fighting the Anti-Gun Agenda

I’m not sure if you noticed, but the anti-gun crowd in Washington D.C. is once again on the move. I would like to take a moment to make sure you’ve heard the latest about it from us.

Recently President Biden fallaciously used the anniversary of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting to advocate for poorly crafted and ideologically driven gun laws that would have done absolutely nothing to stop those heinous murders.

Biden and others in Washington have laid out anti-gun proposals that would impose new taxes on millions of gun owners, and create unnecessarily burdensome background checks. All while continuing to do everything within their power to strip away our natural born right to protect ourselves and our families.

This anti-gun agenda would do virtually nothing to reduce crime or help more Americans keep their families safe.

It has become clear through the first few weeks of the Biden administration that facts and good faith reform have become secondary to ideology. Not only is this visible in the supposed “gun reform” that is being pushed but also in the Democrat authored COVID relief package. Of the massive $1.9 trillion bill, only about 42% is actually directed at COVID relief, and that 42% is disproportionately provided to Democrat states that crushed their economies with over burdensome regulations and lockdowns, rewarding tyrannical behavior.

So what can we do in the face of such political ill will? We must make our voices heard and make counter proposals that are in line with facts and reality. One of the beautiful things about truth is that it always prevails in the end. When an ideology is no longer truthful it cannot stand in the face of one that is. So we must push our ideas into the public square, and bypass the media that has muffled conservative voices for so long.

Our friends over at the United States Concealed Carry Administration are doing just that. USCCA President and Founder Tim Schmidt authored a letter to the present administration not only on behalf of the organization's 560,000 members, but also gun owners everywhere.

In his letter, Mr. Schmidt both discredits and counters the Biden teams anti-gun agenda, and I encourage you to go read the letter in full here.

It is long past time for conservative Americans to be heard, and as legacy media outlets crumble under the burden of their own bias and dishonesty the inexorable voice of truth will be heard.

In the meantime, it is more essential now than ever to embrace our rights. It is no longer an optional privilege to keep and bear arms, rather it is a necessity, a responsibility. If you are ready to take up this responsibility, then you are at the right place. Here at Oxys we can teach you what it means to be a responsible gun owner, and help prepare you for the worst case scenario. If that interests you be sure to check out our classes and events here. We hope that you will join us in preserving the freedoms our founding fathers envisioned for us.

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