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Self-Defense, Not "Stuff" Defense

What is the goal of self defense?

Some might incorrectly tell you that it is a matter of protecting oneself and their property, a dangerous misread of the law that can have dire consequences. At Oxys we know and teach that the true goal of self-defense is to create enough dysfunction in your attacker that you may escape safely. We want you to be able to remove yourself from a situation in the most safe, legal and ideally non-violent way possible. If you can escape without firing a shot, you should make every effort to do so.

This video shows one man shooting another man over a $16 hatchet. The shooter was “defending” his property, as he believed the man he shot was shoplifting the item. The local district attorney filed charges against the shooter. The case will very likely go to trial and, from what we see on the video, it may not go well for the shooter. Unless further information comes out, this shooting does not appear justified. Watch this short video.

Yes, theft is frustrating. Yes, we should have the right to defend our property. However the courts have ruled that any use of force must be “objectively reasonable.” It is unreasonable to kill a person over the attempted theft of a $16 hatchet.

Now, if the shoplifter were attempting to use that stolen hatchet to kill someone, then the situation changes. Because we are the good guys, we must play by the rules and follow the law, hence our actions must be in reaction to a deadly threat and very little else. That means we must keep our distance and wait until such a threat is inescapable. If the threat does not materialize, you can’t use force.

So we now have a question that needs answered, what is the dividing line between a situation where use of force is justified and one where it is not? At Oxys our instructors aim to answer that question by teaching you how to quickly and safely assess a situation so that you can make the right choices for both yourself, and those around you.

In conclusion, carrying a firearm is indeed a right, but it is one that must not be taken lightly. As responsible Americans and firearm owners it is our duty to be aware of the potential consequences of our actions, and learn how to make the correct choices to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome from dangerous situations.

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