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Who's got the ammo?

Missing your ammunition?

In 2020, all of you have noticed that the COVID virus caused panic and actual closing of industry associated with ammunition manufacturing, distribution and sales. Unfortunately, the situation is no better in 2021.

Since July 2020, OXYS receives regular inquiries on how people can train without reasonable access to ammunition. It isn't that the ammunition has just jumped in price; often its not available for purchase. When you do find a few boxes at a local retailer you may only be permitted to buy one box. Likely its self defense grade rather than practice ammo and may exceed $1 per round!

A common question from students - "Can we just shoot the minimum number of rounds to pass the CCW and take a lower grade?" As humorous as this sounds its not really funny at all. These students are diligent and responsible citizens seeking training and because of COVID are unable to practice proper skill sets or even obtain permits without undue hardship.

Even if you look for reloads [for practice] the "reloaders", who so often claim to be immune to market fluctuation, are just as out of luck when it comes to finding brass, bullets, primers and powder.

How did this happen? How did we get here?

Well, our research into this dramatic impact on our students commenced directly with the onset of COVID. Factory shut downs in the USA and elsewhere caused a big break in supply. Forbes articles like "Gun Stores Are Selling Out Of Bullets As Covid-19 Disrupts Ammo Imports" explain how COVID even cut off our supply from the Philippines.

Further, manufacturers have directly reported to OXYS that primer shipments from the UK were also disrupted from manufacturing shutdown overseas. In short, its been a mess.

This Isn’t Just Bad For Training

Some consumers question/accuse distributors and manufacturers of using the situation to line their pockets. Trust us, we know they are not liking this either. Everything they make or bring into the country is sold as soon as its available. Manufacturers are in the business of creating loyal customers and this situation makes that nearly impossible. They want to sell you stuff, they just can't right now. When is this going to be fixed? Some think the end of 2021.

We think this also creates a tough situation for society. New and experienced owners need regular training and practice. OXYS promotes Practical Tactical™ - we want everyone to be responsibly armed and trained.

‘Okay, But How Do We Train Now?’

First, safely practice your dry firing on a regular basis. To begin, separate all ammunition and clear your firearms - if possible, with a witness to ensure properly unloaded. Next, do the coin drill.

Take a coin and place it on top [balance it] of the muzzle end of your cleared pistol. Then, using a proper grip and good trigger technique complete a dry fire cycle without dropping the coin. Do this drill carefully and your ability to increase accuracy can improve substantially!

Next, as tough as this sounds, train within your financial limits and let us know how much ammunition you are free to use. We design ALL of our sessions to maximize the principles of defensive shooting with limited rounds fired.

Or, get a group together and share, expand your knowledge by using a different calibers and expand your practical knowledge. Also, if your looking for something specific, reach out to us and if we know where to look we will let you know.

Written by,

Don Emmack

USCCA & NRA Certified Instructor

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